A New Day Is Dawning

Yesterday is gone, and nothing will bring it back.

Tomorrow is not here and stands too far out of reach.

Today is here and yours to win.

Mike Balof, MEd

Experienced life coach ready to help you find the opportunity you desire.

I am a life coach who helps those over 40 who are being overlooked for jobs to secure viable employment. I am fortunate and sincerely humbled to have worked in many areas during my life, which allows me to help people. I help people learn, grow, find, and actively pursue those things they wish to be.

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In the past, I have worked for many years with our local workforce center helping people to find the work they wanted.  I have trained and studied with Achology the last few years, earning:

  • 2016 Life Coaching Practitioner certificate
  • 2019 Life Coaching Practitioner certificate
  • Life Coaching Practitioner diploma
  • NLP Practitioner course
  • Mindfulness Practitioner
  • Fundamentals of Skilled Helping

I combine this with my Master of Arts in Education, where my major was Adult Education and Training. This learning allows me to bring you a positive experience to grow and learn how to attain your desired goals.

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Quality Career Life Coaching

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