You will never move anywhere at the speed you want to unless you are organized. Without organization, you end up missing appointments, missing billing cycles, failing to have what you need when you need it, and sliding backward when you think you are running forwards.

To organize, you must slow down. It seems illogical, yet the faster you go, the more of a tendency you have to run in the wrong directions. You need to slow down to organize everything to know where something is when you need it and understand how to use it so as not to use the right tool on the wrong project.

Of course, there is a secret for requiring an organization. When you lack organization, you are moving three times as fast because you’ll be covering the same ground multiple times, trying to make up for your mistakes. When you become organized, you only have to cover the ground once, and your job here is done. And in doing so, you get to go three times as far at the same time as you were spending before. You will have more done and be further ahead.

Being organized can be as small as ensuring dates, times, and email addresses, and it could be as large as planning your next five years. Only one person controls you, you. Everyone else is merely borrowing your talents. Everybody likes to get something for as close to free as possible, and if you’re giving your skills away for free, people shall love you and continue to use you. Please remember, you work to live, Not merely live to work.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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