Life does not just happen unless you let it. And you know the ones who let it because they are the ones who are always complaining. If you wish to live your lifestyle, you want to live your way.

I will not hand you a lecture on how life is the work you put into it. I am not here to bore you, saying that you have to control yourself to manage life. I am not going to mention each of the dangers you have out in the world. I will ask you a simple question. What do you really wish, and what are you doing about it?

If you drift and wait for whatever comes your way, you are stuck. Well, you are stuck with whatever came your way. At the same time, if you mention that you want something, voices will come out of the woodwork, explaining why that would never work.

May I offer two suggestions? Do not drift and do not listen to voices. Just as there are endless miles of vast nothingness between major cities, there are 1000 ways to end up in a place you hate for every excellent position you could land. You want to land in a place where you want to be.

If you feel you cannot do it, then I know you can. You have belief; the first test is can you think and believe.

It is too important a subject to burn you out in one day and one blog. We will continue this from time to time. And we will look at ways that we can go from where we are to where we desire to be.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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