How does anyone know what you are thinking? How does anyone know what you are feeling? How do you help others to understand what they need to know about you? And how often do you know whether or not you are ignoring the communication process that you need to keep interactions between yourselves and others fluid and moving in the proper directions?

We find ourselves endowed by our creators with great senses which we can use to communicate. We have eyes to see, a tongue to talk, ears to hear, the feelings of touch, and the beautiful odors of smell. When one of our abilities falters, other senses step up to take on the part of the burden of finding and translating the knowledge.

It is up to us to use our senses wisely. We must communicate with everyone, from the youngest to the oldest.  We should share thoughtfully and provide the best of ourselves to those around us. Those who we are close to and those close to us. It is in this communication that not only do we help others to grow and thrive, but it is also the way that they help us to do the same.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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