A pain point can be anything, physical or thought, that takes time from us and causes us great feeling and emotion. When we work with others, sometimes we will realize they have a pain point that is just like one we have. It could be anything in which we both strongly believe. We could be either in sync or 180 degrees out, or any of the other 360 degrees of the compass.

When two people have the same pain point in the room, we must ensure we do not make the conversation about ourselves. We should be sensitive to the other person and their needs, especially if they have come to see us for help.  Focus on their concerns, and maybe, you will learn something that will help you solve your worry.

As humans, we all have things that bother us. No matter how minor or major the concern might be, a pain point will not rest until found and handled. Discovering it is done with Socratic questioning and discussion. The idea is to have the person with the problem uncover the pain point to understand and deal with it.

Often the pain point is an emotional issue that is being frustrated by events the owner has no control over.  Helping someone find the pain point is the hard part.  Once found, they can often deal with the concern, and the frustrated blockage can be understood and handled.  Just remember, if you are there to help, do so, no need to make a meeting about you.

 Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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