In our world, troubling things can sneak up on you when you are not aware.  These ideas can stalk you and spring on you when you least expect it. Of all the dangers we face, one thing is worse, fear.

Fear will come at you and grab you by the back of the throat. It will cause you to doubt everything that you have around you. Friends, family, and that which you know to be true, along with many other things. It would be best if you are wiser than fear. Yet the most thoughtful man falls prey to this outlandish invasion into our sanity.

What we need to be smarter than fear. We need to know rather than fear. And to do so, we need to stop listening to those who fear and research whatever situation we find ourselves. Fear is only an emotion. It only works in a world of the unknown.

As soon as you know something factual, fear has failed. At the point you realize what is accurate, fear has no hold on you. Are you afraid the sky is falling? Understand more about meteorites. Are you worried when the Earth moves? Learn more about earthquakes.

Along with understanding a fear, Try looking back to your past and understanding why this fear can take hold of you. What is in your past? And what has triggered your emotions. For fear is an emotion. As a good Doctor from Vulcan once said, it is illogical.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again soon.

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