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A New Day Is Dawning

Yesterday is gone, and nothing will bring it back.

Tomorrow is not here and stands too far out of reach.

Today is here and yours to win.

Quality Career Life Coaching

You can’t expect to do it all by yourself, can you?

Humans are born with the knowledge to suckle. It is what gives us nourishment in the first days out of the womb. The rest we learn. To learn, we often need a guide to show us the way. A guide is even more critical if you are over 40 and need a job to keep your family and yourself fed and sheltered.

Unless you have a good plan, you may find yourself chronically unemployed or vastly underemployed. You could be going to interviews with multiple strikes against you to start.

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Quality Career Life Coaching

See how Reveille Rocks Life Coaching stands out above the rest.

At Reveille Rocks, our goal is to help you find and map your desired future in the quickest and most efficient manner.


I am a life coach with many years of helping others find their way to better employment and quality of life.


I cannot guarantee you anything, and yet, if you are willing to work with me, I can show you how to negotiate the road before you and gain the work and quality of life you desire.


I live and specialize in the needs of those in the United States, and I have a world wide reach helping people on many continents. I can work with you over Zoom, Facetime, or other softwares. I can also meet with you in person, provided we can keep socially distant if the need is present.


We can start at any time convenient to you. My regular hours are between 7AM & 5PM Monday through Friday, and because of my work in other countries, I often make allowances for working other times as well.


We start with a 90-minute discovery session to see if we are compatible and if I can help you. If so, we will fill out a contract and have an assessment or two for you. From there, we will set up times to meet along with objectives to obtain. If we do not mesh for some reason, I will try to find you another coach who may be better for you.


I believe everybody can find what they want in life if they're willing to work at it. I have seen the Royal Air Force teach blind teenagers how to fly. I have also seen very talented people fail because they did not want to do the work themselves. I am here to work with you. Yet all I can do is be your guide, coach, and mentor. The victories you gain are the ones that you win.
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Quality Career Life Coaching

At Reveille Rocks, our goal is to help you find and map your desired future.

We do this by working with you, helping you to discover your desired goals, and make your map of how you will obtain them. This way, you know where you want to go and how to get there.

  • We will help you to find your passion and desire in life.
  • We will help you uncover any disabling beliefs that are getting in your way.
  • We will help you understand the future growth of your chosen profession.
  • We will teach you how to ace phone and Zoom interviews.
  • We will show you how to talk to employers in their language.
  • We can teach you how to research any company thoroughly.
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Quality Career Life Coaching

Inspiring our clients to get the job that they have always wanted.

You helped me design a resume that enabled me to get an interview with the Olympic training center, which led to me finally getting a good job after 15 months of unemployment.

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Thank You for Your Advice and Support. Now I’ve got a job & look forward to a bright Future!

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Thank You for Your Patience and Experience explaining O*net online and showing us about the codes and to find jobs.

Customer Review

Thank You for Your Support of the Prep Connect 360. The lab was fantastic. It opened our eyes to extremely useful tools that will lead to real job opportunities for us.

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Quality Career Life Coaching

You can’t expect to do it all on your own.

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